Welcome to the wonderful world of online coloring, brought to you by Merphal.com.

The name “Merphal” was something we created back when we were in high school and it’s a name that we would continually refer to and say to just fool around and be silly. The name was actually for a fictional character that was also good friends with another character that had the name “Emu”. Long story short… Emu and Merphal were good friends.

Jump forward to today and Merphal now has the opportunity to become a household name as one of the leading free coloring book sites on the internet today.

Through our site at Merphal.com, we will continually provide the best free coloring pages for anyone to print from home. Parents and Teacher are also big fans of the site, as they can save lots of money and time, versus having to buy physical books or print out new lesson plans for kids.

At the same time, kids love our site because the print designs are so fun and exciting to look at, and then they can tell their parents which ones they would like printed out and then colored in.

If you enjoy the many different coloring pages on this site, be sure to look through our Amazon author page to buy physical print versions of our books.

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